Taverna Michalis

About Taverna Michalis

"Taverna Michalis" is a traditional tavern in Kambi, where you can enjoy excellent food, at unique prices! Kambi is a small village surrounded by olive trees and vineyards and is literally on the edge of the cliff. Overlooking the bays of Schiza and the open sea from a height of 300 meters, it offers an impressive and breathtaking view to the visitors who flock every day to admire the sunset. In this heavenly environment on the cliff and among the pine trees, you will find "Taverna Michalis", to enjoy traditional cuisine with Zakynthian delicacies from our fresh products, spit roasts and seasonal stews made with passion. In the afternoon you will see in the fantastic view of Ionian Sea above the cliff, the best sunset of Zakynthos. After sunset 2 times a week we have Greek night where you can enjoy and dance with the dancers traditional dances. Come and let us treat you at " Sunset Michali's Taverna ", a family business since 1984, and admire the best view of the sunset over the beach of Schiza in Kambi.

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