Al Nur Gourmet Food & Cocktail

About Al Nur Gourmet Food & Cocktail

Al Nur, a world of Mediterranean gastronomy

Under the wonderful sky of Zakynthos and with a panoramic view of the Ionian Sea and the city of the island, in a peaceful environment is located the restaurant Al Nur.

Al Nur restaurant is a culinary paradise in Zakynthos with dedication to fine dining. Rooted in Mediterranean flavors and sensibilities, our menu is a journey through traditional Greek cuisine combined with modern culinary techniques.

From the very first day of operation of Al Nur restaurant in 2015 until today, the philosophy surrounding our dedication to offer top quality service in an environment of high aesthetics remains unchanged.

Al Nur's team creates dishes with deep influences from greek gastronomy with the signature of chef Antonis Kyvetos, and offers you choices among a wide variety of wines and cocktails.

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