Sarakinado, the center of the island of Zakynthos

Sarakinado is located in the center of the island of Zakynthos, just 5 kilometers from the city and is an extension of it. It is a central road for approaching several areas of the island. The Local Community has 538 inhabitants. Several commercial shops and famous chain stores operate in the area. There is also a well-organized business with water slides and a go-kart track.

The visitor can also be entertained at the various entertainment centers in the area. Sarakinado displays the largest and most organized cultural activity in the prefecture with radiation on a pan-Hellenic and European level. The following are active in the area: - The Cultural Association of Sarakinados, founded in 1979. It maintains 5 teaching departments and employs a total of about 250 children from Sarakinados but also from all over the island, as well as adults. - The Traditional Music and Dance Group "YAKINTHI", a non-profit cultural association founded in 1995 whose main purpose is the research, study, promotion and continuation of the original Zakynthian and Greek music and dance tradition and the Zakynthian folk theater. - The Theatrical Stage of Zakynthos based in the municipal district of Sarakinado. It was founded in 1991 with the aim of presenting, producing theatrical performances and approaching and promoting theater events in any possible way.

All the above clubs have commendable and noteworthy activity to show with dance groups, mandolin players, theater groups and artistic events. In Sarakinado, the "Black Currant Festival" is organized every year, where the black currant harvest is reenacted in a traditional way, as well as many other cultural events such as traditional dances and "omilies"(speeches).